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UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Please reach out to your regional training academy for your CFT training needs.

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CFT Brochures found on the CDSS CFT webpage

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  • ACIN I-71-18: Using Team Meetings To Increase Cross-system Collaboration Between Local Child Welfare And Education Agencies (LEAs).
  • ACIN I-21-18/MHSUDS IN 18-022: The California Children, Youth, and Families Integrated Core Practice Model and the California Integrated Training Guide.
  • ACL 18-23: The purpose of this ACL is to provide answers to FAQs submitted by local child welfare and juvenile probation departments regarding the CFT process, as outlined in ACL 16-84, released on October 7, 2016.
  • ACL 17-104: This ACL provides county child welfare and probation departments with guidance and instructions regarding how to document CFTs, including CFT meetings, in CWS/CMS. 
  • ACL 16-84: This ACL provides guidance regarding the use of child and family teaming to deliver child welfare services, as required by Assembly Bill (AB) 403, commonly known as the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR), signed by Governor Jerry Brown in October 2015.