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The Core Practice Model was developed by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to unite the two departments and facilitate teaming with families and providers in the provision of mental health services to children in the child welfare system. The Core Practice Model Guide and the Medi-Cal Manual (3rd edition, January 2018) , each jointly issued by CDSS and DHCS, provide a framework for California's public child welfare and mental health leaders and practitioners.

In order to advance the mission of the Core Practice Model, this toolkit serves as an information hub and provides implementation and training resources for counties throughout California.

Frequently Asked Questions (2015) about the Core Practice Model Guide or Medi-Cal Manual; and a Katie A. Service Comparison (2014) matrix.

What you will find on this website

The Child Welfare/Mental Health Learning Collaborative Toolkit provides a compendium of resources designed to assist county administrators and staff to implement integrated child welfare and mental health services for families and children participating in both systems.

Each category of tools addresses a specific aspect of implementation. The implementation categories and other resources are noted in the menu box. Sharing across the state is facilitated by the Sharing Resources and Calendar and Contacts pages, which provide guidance about how to share work products for implementation and training, and how to communicate with members of the Learning Collaborative.

How to use this Toolkit

The toolkit is composed of a set of categories that address specific aspects of implementation and facilitate communication and resource sharing among California counties. The categories include:

  • Sharing Resources: Explains how counties can share resources via the toolkit.
  • Calendar and Contacts: Provide a calendar of major events across the state that support implementation of the Core Practice Model, a distribution list of members of the Learning Collaborative, and an invitation to join the Learning Collaborative list-serv.
  • Assessment and Screening Tools: Provide knowledge about assessment and screening tools that counties can use to facilitate the provision of mental health services for children who enter the child welfare system.
  • Engagement Tools: Provide knowledge about the process of engagement, so that counties can effectively engage child welfare and behavioral health professionals and families to build effective partnerships.
  • Teaming Tools: Provide county examples of teaming tools developed to effectively implement the Child and Family Teaming process under the Core Practice Model.
  • Communication Tools: Provide guidance to leaders for engaging staff and stakeholders in integrated implementation efforts.
  • Planning Tools: Assist counties and their partners to identify action steps and promote involvement of stakeholders for each aspect of implementation.
  • Policy and Procedural Tools: Provide county examples of policies and procedures that are being developed for implementing the Core Practice Model.
  • Outcomes and Evaluation: Describe how to collect and use data to monitor and improve implementation.
  • Fiscal and Funding Tools: Provide guidance regarding billing, fiscal strategies, and fund sources for services and supports.
  • Regional Information and Resources: Provide contact information for training and technical assistance offered by the Regional Training Academies to the four cohorts of the Learning Collaborative.
  • Technical Assistance: Provides information about technical assistance services offered by collaborating organizations.
  • Training, Coaching, and Transfer of Learning Tools: Include curricula and other resources that initiate, sustain, and refine integrated child welfare and mental health practices and service delivery.

Collaborating Organizations

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