Fiscal and Funding Tools

Mental Health Services and Billing for the Katie A. Subclass

TheMedi-Cal Manual (2nd Ed., 2016) developed by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) sets forth the standards and guidelines for the delivery and billing of services for:

  1. Intensive Care Coordination (ICC),
  2. Intensive Home Based Services (IHBS), and
  3. Therapeutic Foster care (TFC).

These are three covered specialty mental health services for children and youth who are members of a sub-class indicated in the Settlement Agreement for the Katie A. v. Bonta lawsuit. The Information Notice of May 3, 2013, instructs counties about coding and claiming for Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) and Intensive Home-Bassed Services (IHBS).

Fiscal Strategies

Members of the Katie A. Core Practice Model Fiscal Task Force developed a set of recommendations concerning fiscal strategies that support county implementation. The recommendations are currently pending approval by the Joint Management Team. The Task Force also issued Major Fund Sources in Child Welfare and Mental Health, a reference that identifies and describes available fund sources for services and supports closely related to the Katie A. lawsuit.

County Examples of Outcome Fiscal and Funding Tools

We encourage counties and partnering agencies to assist statewide implementation by sharing resources on this website about fiscal and funding tools.  If you have any documents, forms, or other tools to share, please contact Phyllis Jeroslow,