Sharing Resources

The toolkit is a collaborative effort. Any participants of the Learning Collaborative are encouraged to submit shareable materials to be considered for inclusion. Products developed at the county or regional level during the Learning Collaborative could be very helpful to other localities. The toolkit is publicly accessible, so submitters should be comfortable with permitting public access to their materials or providing links to their websites.

Contributing to the Toolkit and Submitting Content

Content can be submitted for any of the main topics in the toolkit, and new topics can be suggested.

Please email Phyllis Jeroslow ( if you wish to submit training content, or forms/tools for any other topics, such as communications; assessment and screening; implementation planning; policies and procedures; outcomes and evaluation; or fiscal and funding.

Some types of content, such as training curricula and tools, may be vetted by the Katie A. Multidisciplinary Workgroup of the Statewide Training and Education Committee (STEC) before posting approval can be granted.

Learning Collaborative Listserv

The listserv is a quick way to contact peers in the Learning Collaborative to share information and help each other with questions about implementation and practice. If you wish to join the listserv for the Learning Collaborative, please contact Phyllis Jeroslow,