Is CCR Working?

Measuring Progress: Accountability and Oversight

Evaluating the effectiveness of Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) is necessary. Adjustments to the program can be made if we know what is working and what is not. Standardized instruments that can be used to assess successful and unsuccessful implementation strategies are helpful in answering this question. Instruments may include county-identified outcomes and methods for collecting baseline data, administering surveys, conducting observations, and analyzing data. Both qualitative and quantitative procedures may be used to evaluate implementation of initiatives, programs, or interventions.

The CCR seeks to improve outcomes for children in foster care by strengthening the state’s oversight framework of foster care providers, namely foster family agencies (FFAs) and the new category, Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Centers. This framework will include three key strategies: national accreditation, cross-departmental state oversight, and publicly available provider performance data.

Meeting the Challenges of CCR Reform

The Accountability Fact sheet