Assessment and Planning Tools


Family Finding and Engagement (FFE) requires an evaluation of one's current practice and re-focusing attention on keeping children and families together forever. Implementation of FFE requires a thoughtful, well-planned, and strategic approach. The information and materials contained on these pages are designed to help organizations obtain more information about the structural, contextual, and cultural factors that impact implementation.     

Implementation Assessment

  1. How does an organization know when it is ready for implementation?
  2. How does a leader know when an organization is ready to lead an organization into implementation?

This Implementation Survey helps implementers think about some of the important questions and components of implementation before embarking upon such resource-intensive activities and programmatic changes.  

Readiness Survey Assessment for Leadership

Implementation Science teaches us that supportive leadership is a vitally important factor for successful implementation. The Readiness Survey for Leadership guides leaders through an array of questions they might consider that have relevance to them and their organization. A thoughtful self- or organizational assessment saves time, energy, and money in the long run and contributes to intentional, well-conceived implementation.  

Practice and Policy Assessment

Established practice protocols and procedures and well-defined policy help to clarify roles for everyone involved in implementation. The Practice and Policy Assessment Survey offers important questions and components about practice and policy that implementers may want to consider before embarking upon such resource-intensive activities and programmatic changes.