Evaluation Tools


The purpose of this section is to:

  1. Provide a framework for consideration when developing an evaluation plan for father engagement and/or father involvement
  2. Provide suggestions on how to extract or export data about father engagement and father involvement so that counties can track how well they're doing in these areas
  3. Assist counties in knowing that reports can be run using Business Objects to get results for their father engagement/father involvement efforts

The target audience includes directors, managers, analysts, evaluators, and other stakeholders with the responsibility of increasing father engagement and/or father involvement.

The following information will provide instructions on how to:

  1. Think about conceptualizing questions you or your agency has about father engagement and father involvement
  2. Create a logic model that can be used as a guide for planning father engagement and father involvement efforts
  3. Collect and analyze data for the questions you have about father engagement and father involvement
  4. Discuss methods for recording and analyzing information about fathers and their families

This section does NOT give instructions for conducting evaluation in the traditional sense; rather it is a systematic way to track father engagement and father involvement. This section will:

  1. Help users develop (research) questions about father engagement and father involvement that might be relevant to their organizational practice
  2. Present a replica for the development of a logic model that can be used for program planning purposes
  3. Give some examples of where to obtain data from the following data systems: 
    1. CWS/CMS
    2. Safe Measures
    3. CSSR
  4. Give some suggestions for how to collect data and how to store it for analysis
  5. Give some recommendations for how to analyze data for child welfare purposes

Father Engagement and Father Involvement Evaluation Guide

View or download the guide (PDF).