Principles of Father Engagement

The Father Inclusive Practice Forum in Newcastle, Australia, developed nine (9) principles of father inclusive practice based on the premise that fathers are important for the well-being of infants and children. More>>

Benefits of Father Engagement

Results from the Supporting Father Involvement (SFI) project in four California counties reveal a number of benefits to father engagement. More>>

Where to Start

This toolkit provides information using two assumptions about father engagement. More>>

What Other Counties Have Already Done

Napa County - A Case Example (Efforts from beginning to end)

Read and follow Napa's steps for father engagement.
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What Counties are saying about Father Engagement

"We're not rushing to exclude fathers anymore, we're rushing to include them." - Jeff Dent, Madera County

"We would like children to have a loving, competent, involved father from birth." - Cesar Vera, Merced County


The Father Engagement Toolkit is the result of the invaluable work and guidance of a great many people throughout the child welfare system in California and across the country. More>>

Other Websites of Interest

A number of websites offer information about father engagement. More>>