Assessment Tools


Fostering Connections to Success (AB12) is a large system change, and implementation requires a thoughtful, strategic approach. The information and materials contained on these pages are designed to help organizations obtain more information about the structural, contextual, and cultural factors that impact implementation.

Initiative Readiness Self-Assessment Tool

Organizations and agencies can use the Initiative Readiness Self-Assessment Tool as a checklist, of sorts, to determine their readiness for the implementation of an initiative, program, or intervention, such as Fostering Connections to Success. The checklist essentially asks organizations to gauge which materials, (human) resources, training and curriculum, policies, finances, etc., are already in place in order to make implementation smoother.

Organizations can rank their organizations on a continuum of readiness, including:

  • Not yet
  • Starting to
  • Somewhat
  • Just about
  • Complete

If organizations find themselves on the lower end of the scale, then perhaps, they may want to consider ways to increase their ranking by completing some of the items described in the tool. If, on the other hand, agencies have ranked themselves on the higher end of the scale, then perhaps, they are ready to start thinking about and taking steps toward implementation. For more information about implementation, visit the National Implementation Science Research Network (NIRN). View or download the Initiative Readiness Self-Assessment Tool.

The results from the organizational self-assessment should be used by agencies to develop a comprehensive action plan that includes:

  1. An assessment of organizational readiness for implementation
  2. An initial target population (if necessary)
  3. An implementation process