Fiscal & Funding Tools


In times of scarcity, finding money to fund new projects may be difficult because organizations are already taxed, and managers have to operate with stricter budget requirements. This is particularly true for the child welfare system; the same or similar level of productivity is expected of child welfare with fewer resource allocations.

Cost Analysis

It may be wise to conduct a cost analysis before, during, and after implementation of a new program, project, or initiative to gain a better understanding of the total costs associated with program implementation. The Children's Bureau provides short resource videos describing what a cost analysis is and why it is important. They provide useful concepts associated with cost analysis, budgeting, and accounting. The videos Cost Analysis in Program Evaluation (Part 1) and (Part 2) are available on the Children's Bureau website.

Current Fiscal/Funding Opportunities

COUNTY FISCAL LETTER (CFL) NO. 11/12-32 provides preliminary claiming instructions for the county expense claim (CEC) and county assistance claim (CA 800) related to AB 12 Extended Foster Care (EFC) program. The instructions contained in this letter will assist counties in tracking expenditures and activities that are eligible for reimbursement under AB 12. Expenditures and activities include:

  1. EFC Aid Codes and CA800 Claiming Instructions
  2. Cross Reference list of under 18 AID Codes with EFC over 18 Aid Codes
  3. CEC Program, Time Study, and Direct-to-Program Codes and Claiming Instructions
  4. Time Study Code Descriptions

COUNTY FISCAL LETTER NO. 10/11-61 informs counties of the FY 2010-11 allocation for the federally funded Kin-GAP Program Administration as a result of the released Governor’s Budget. Effective January 1, 2011, current Kin-GAP program cases that are federal Title IV-E eligible will convert to the federally funded Kin-GAP program upon annual redetermination. Prospective federally eligible cases that would have entered the Kin-GAP program on or after January 1, 2011, will now enter the federally funded Kin-GAP program.

COUNTY FISCAL LETTER (CFL) NO. 10/11-64 provides counties county expense claim (CEC) time study and claiming instructions, and corrected assistance claiming instructions for the new Kin-GAP program administrative activities and assistance payment pursuant to AB 12.

ALL COUNTY LETTER (ACL) NO. 12-32 provides county eligibility and payment systems with aid codes and claiming instructions for the CA 800 related to AB 12 Extended Foster Care (EFC) Program.