Planning Tools


Planning Tools are used by agencies to inform their implementation process. The various tools may come in different formats, including, but not limited to, agendas, summary notes from meetings, timelines, action steps, strategic planning documents, etc.

Planning Tools for Fostering Connections to Success

#1 - Checklist

The following checklist is provided to help youth and social workers/probation officers determine if they have completed the steps necessary for accessing benefits. A section of the checklist is for social workers to use with youth before they reach age 18 to inform them about the statute.  Another section of the checklist is specifically for youth; it helps them determine their eligibility for Fostering Connections to Success (AB12).  View or download Tool for Social Workers and Youth Approaching Age 18.  

#2 - Implementation Guide

The following guide was developed to assist agencies with the implementation of this new practice change.  It provides materials to consider in the implementation process. View or download AB 12 Implementation Guide.

# 3 - Implementation Guide for Supervisors

The following implementation guide is for supervisors who supervise social workers and probation officers.  The guide helps staff become familiar with the legislation and the nuances of the law. It provides background materials for review and reference, provides materials to introduce this bill to the supervisor's unit, and provides tools for implementation. The goal is to help supervisors think about implementation in a way that is logical, systematic, thoughtful, and planned. View or download the AB12 Implementation Guide for Supervisors: Tools to Assist Social Workers and Probation Officers.    

#4 - CWDA Re-entry Contact List

This resource was created by the County  Welfare Directors Association of California (CWDA); each county has a representative with his/her contact information. These representatives, who can be used as points of contact for youth who re-enter the child welfare system, can be contacted directly. View or download the CWDA AB 12 Re-Entry Contact List.