College Preparation

Some children on your caseload may be interested in attending college, community college, or vocational school when they graduate from high school. A variety of academic experiences are available to children who have a high school education. It would be helpful to teenagers if social workers are able to educate them about the different options that they are eligible for.

  • The Alliance for Children's Rights' Foster Youth Education Toolkit has information and resources to help meet the unique educational needs of foster youth
  • Some students decide to transfer to a University of California (UC) campus or a California State University (CSU) campus after two years of community college or after high school. Read about the transfer requirements.
  • is the online portal to community colleges in California. Students are able to complete an online application in English or Spanish.
  • Students can explore career options and fields of study via these resources:
    • Career Zone: a fun interactive website that allows users to assess their skills and interests, explore different career fields, and get a "reality check" on what standard living costs are for a desired lifestyle and pay rates for different occupations
    • Career One Stop: a variety of career assessments and salary information for different careers
    • California Colleges Career Center: a website with links to various interests, skills, values, and personality assessments related to career choices