Medical & Health Information

The Department of Managed Health Care provides information and resources for people who are uninsured. The website provides information about various types of low-cost and no-cost insurance offered in California, such as CaliforniaKids, CCS, Access for Infants and Mothers, CalMedicare, Healthy Families, the County Medical Services Program (CMSP), and more.

Medi-Cal is California's version of the federal Medicaid program, which is designed for low-income individuals and people who are blind and/or disabled. The service pays for medical and dental services. Special programs are available to pregnant women, children, foster children, refugees, and others. Young adults are eligible for Medi-Cal up to the age of 21.

A Home Within is a national program dedicated to providing mental health services free of charge to children in foster care.

Covered Til 26 allows older foster youth to continue to be covered by Medi-Cal until the age of 26.  This factsheet and public service announcement provide more information about medical coverage for foster youth.     

Eligibility for the program includes:

  1. Any foster youth who turned 18 in care
  2. Must live in California now
  3. Must be less than 26 years old