Assessment Tools

What are the Assessment Tools?

Assessment Tools guide information-gathering from quantitative and qualitative sources. They assist in determining organizational status with respect to multiple areas of service provision to Native American/ Alaska Native children and families, such as Tribal collaborations, policies, compliance, outcome measures, and staff development.

Determine Where Your County Is On the Continuum of Readiness (flowchart)

This flowchart offers an instantaneous way of visualizing your county' s progress with respect to the end goals of safety, permanency, well-being, and the reduction of disproportionality for Native American/ Alaska Native children.

Assess Your County's Progress on the Continuum of Readiness (table)

This simple and practical assessment provides a way to gauge county progress through successive action steps that lead to the achievement of positive outcomes for indigenous children and families.

Organizational Readiness Self-Assessment Tool

Use of this tool yields a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of an agency's strengths and challenges with respect to developing shared values and a common language among stakeholders, identifying training needs, and strengthening the engagement of families and Tribal agencies. Guidance is provided for information gathering and data collection relevant to performing the assessment.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are an effective way to gather candid, qualitative information for the county self-assessment that enhances the quantitative data provided by compliance and outcome measures. Additionally, focus groups engage stakeholders at the inception of the planning process. Use the tools below to plan your focus group sessions.

  • Guidelines for Conducting Focus Groups
    Focus groups require careful planning with respect to selecting and inviting participants and creating an environment for honest and thoughtful communication. These guidelines provide key considerations and tips for gathering vital information during your focus group sessions.
  • Focus Group Planning Guide
    This Planning Guide provides a practical, step-by-step timeline of preparations required for the focus group session.