Planning Tools

What are the Planning Tools?

Planning Tools parse large goals into achievable, sequential action steps that enable measurement of progress toward extensive, collaborative engagement and full implementation.

Identify County Goals on a Continuum of Success (flowchart)

This visual aid depicts how the toolkit guides implementation from assessment to setting and realizing goals. It also suggests specific goals that counties may wish to target.

Address Disproportionality by Setting Progressive Goals (table)

Many factors contribute to county readiness and ability to address the disproportionality of Native American/ Alaska Native children. This table identifies suggested goals for each phase of implementation: raising awareness, building collaborations, improving compliance, and achieving federal goals. Some counties may choose to focus on strengthening collaboration in Year 1, and others may choose to focus on Culturally Appropriate Inquiry.

Potential Stakeholders Checklist

The Stakeholders Checklist suggests potential collaborators at state, regional, and local levels, with considerations for urban and rural locations and tips for the inclusion of youth advocates.

Conducting Stakeholder Forums and Planning Meetings

This chart indicates discussion items and tips for convening planning meetings of statewide, regional, and local stakeholders.

Tips for Facilitators of Forums and Planning Meetings

These recommendations foster a welcoming communication process that indicates respect for the time and knowledge of participants in the planning process. A series of well-structured planning meetings is necessary for the development of a strategic plan that reflects the inclusion of all stakeholders.

Strategic Planning Template Tool

This tool structures the tasks of assessment, implementation, and revision that together constitute a strategic plan. It guides the conceptualization of action steps as achievable, coordinated objectives that produce desired change at the organizational and practice levels.