Learning Session IV - August 28-29, 2018



Welcome and Opening Remarks

Plenary Session: What Do We Mean by Integration?

Tabletop Dialogue: Role of Leadership & Management in Paving the CPM Road Ahead

Peer Panel: The Adaptive Challenge of CPM Implementation Planning

Whole Group Reflection: Leadership Behaviors in Action

Messaging Workgroup Update: Giving Voice to CPM - Bringing the Message Home

Wrap Up


Reflection on Day 1: Insights, Ideas, Inspiration, Inquiry

Peer Panel: CPM Offers a Unifying Framework for Integration

Peer Panel: Leading Quality Practice - How CPM Can Support & Sustain Key Initiatives

Tabletop Exercise: Planning for CANS Implementation

Whole Group Reflection: What Does Active Implementation of CANS Look Like?

Plenary Address: Featuring Los Angeles County DCFS Director Bobby D. Cagle, MSW

Break Outs: Regional Working Sessions

Tabletop Dialogue: Leadership in Action: Identifying Next Steps

Wrap Up