Strength-Based Teaming: Achieving Safety, Permanency, and Well-Being

Whether teams are short- or long-term, family planning for achieving safety, permanency, and well-being can be more effective with genuine teamwork. Helping teams be effective requires knowledge of team phases and activities, as well as strong facilitation skills and strategies for negotiating conflict.

This two-day training for social workers applies the principles learned in the preceding two modules to the teaming process. Participants will learn the steps and skills that produce successful team outcomes. Accompanied by a one-day training, "Teaming for Supervisors: Key Points for Supporting & Coaching CSWs."

Courtesy California State University, Los Angeles Center on Child Welfare. Watch for a future update.

For questions about this curriculum, please contact Marc Mendoza or Lilli Miles.

Training Materials
Additional Materials for Teaming for Supervisors


Training Materials

  • Cover Page
  • Abstract and Learning Objectives
  • Lesson Plan
  • Strengths/Needs Matrix for Natalie
  • Blank Worksheet for Conflict Resolution
  • Name the Need Exercise
  • Natalie Conflict Resolution Worksheet
  • Robert Family Vignette Exercise
  • Team Analysis Worksheet
  • Strengths/Needs Matrix for Robert
  • Natalie Vignette Exercise
  • Child and Family Team Preparation
  • Facilitator Responsibilities
  • Skill Checklist
  • References


  • Trainer and Trainee Version, Day 1
  • Trainer and Trainee Version, Day 2
  • Teaming for Supervisors PowerPoint

Additional Materials for Teaming for Supervisors

  • Activity Log
  • Coaching Worksheet