Part 1: CPM Implementation Snapshot: Where Are We Now?


All California counties are already on their way to implementing CPM, each to a greater or lesser extent, on pace with their local context. Some have partnership agreements in place that uphold CPM engagement principles; other counties have long-standing teaming approaches that reflect CPM practice behaviors; still others are adapting recruitment efforts to better align job expectations with CPM. To identify what CPM capacities are already in place, which to incorporate next, and which to prioritize for action, it is critical for each county to start with determining “Where We Are Now?” with respect to effectively supporting the use of CPM.

The CPM Implementation Snapshot serves this purpose. Designed to help counties gauge the status of their CPM implementation efforts, the Snapshot is organized into four dimensions of active implementation familiar to Directors from the Development Circles:

  • Organization and Leadership
  • Workforce Development
  • Using Data for Understanding and Improvement
  • Strengthening Partnerships for System Change

Completing the Snapshot is a collective process that not only brings CPM to the forefront of the organization’s attention, but also creates a shared view of what progress has already been made to put CPM into practice in your location. Once the assessment questions are completed, the Snapshot serves as a baseline for each county to use as they identify gaps and successes, determine priorities, and strategize how the work of implementation will unfold. The Scoring and Analysis segment guides counties through a process to identify:

  • Strengths to Build On
  • Opportunities for Growth
  • Feasibility Considerations
  • Setting Priorities for Local Planning


Open the Snapshot (WordPDF) and proceed with the following steps:

Relevant Resources

While each county’s leadership team is ultimately responsible for completing the Snapshot, counties will determine for themselves who and how many staff and other stakeholders will be involved. Some may be involved in the process of responding to questions, while others will help draw conclusions from the findings. The assessment will be most effective if those invited to participate in the Snapshot process are familiarized with the CPM values and behaviors beforehand.

  • Background material about CPM can be found on the CalSWEC website.
  • Ideas for how to communicate to others about CPM can be found within the recording and materials from the CPM Messaging Webinar held on Jan. 25, 2018.
  • Poll Everywhere: an interactive online service for "real-time" audience response and engagement.

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