Part 2: CPM Implementation Plan: Where Are We Going and How Do We Get There?


Now that your county has taken a “Snapshot” of its CPM implementation status and set priorities for moving CPM forward, the next part involves outlining a clear pathway for how you’ll get from where you are now to where you want to be. Where should your county start? Who is accountable to show progress? Which voices influence decisions, and by when? The CPM Implementation Plan Template (Plan) is designed to guide your county through the process of decision-making around specific action items to reach your unique implementation priorities.

Based on priorities identified in the Snapshot process, counties choose a planning horizon and match priorities with implementation objectives, action steps and timeframes. Together, these components form a road map for moving counties’ CPM efforts forward. Through the planning process county teams make the following key decisions:

  • Which priorities are strategic to address first?
  • What is our timeframe?
  • What changes do we want to see?
  • What action steps need to be taken?
  • Who is the responsible leader or team?
  • What is the target date for monitoring progress?
  • What will support our progress?

Like the Snapshot, developing a Plan is a collaborative activity engaging those with key roles and oversight responsibilities for implementation of your county’s CPM priorities. For example, if your county’s focus is on training and coaching as the next advancement of CPM, it would be important to not only include program managers, but also training personnel and supervisory representatives as contributors to crafting your CPM Implementation Plan.


Gather the results of your competed Snapshot and open a CPM Implementation Plan Template (Word, PDF). Development of a CPM Implementation Plan consists of engaging your leadership team or other partners to proceed through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Establish a CPM Implementation Planning Team – Identify and empower a group who can develop your county’s CPM Implementation Plan, guide the process and oversee execution of the Plan.
    • Decide who needs to be involved in developing the Plan, orient them to the process, and identify appropriate forums in which planning can occur. 
    • The configuration of the planning group can vary based on many factors (e.g., county size, staffing, competing demands, etc.). Whether an existing team is leveraged for this purpose or a dedicated group is formed, include individuals who will have oversight responsibility for implementation of CPM in your location.
    • Formulate and empower the Team to conduct efficient, effective decision-making while promoting a transparent process informed by relevant feedback loops.
    • The leadership role of the CW Director is critical to the success of the Planning Team. Key leadership behaviors to model throughout the planning process include:
      • Creating the organizational conditions for planners to contribute their best thinking
      • Supporting facilitated planning discussions
      • Participating in critical planning decisions
      • Reinforcing a spirit of collaboration and consensus-building at each step along the way  
  • Step 2: Set the Plan Boundaries
    1. Decide Where to Start – Translate the conclusions drawn from the Snapshot process into setting Plan priorities. Follow the instructions on p. 1 of the CPM Implementation Plan Template.
    2. Determine a Planning Horizon – Customize the span of time your county needs to make sufficient progress on your Plan priorities before re-assessing what has been accomplished. Follow the instructions on p. 2 of the Plan Template.
  • Step 3: Define Success – Collectively determine what is expected to be happening if your Plan priorities are successfully met. Follow the instructions on p. 2 of the Plan Template.
  • Step 4: Document the Pathway to Action
    1. Customize Your Plan – Create your Plan structure based on the number of priorities your county is addressing within the planning horizon. Follow the instructions on p. 4 of the Plan Template.
    2. Develop Your Plan Content – Across all Plan priorities, decide what actions need to be taken, by whom and by when to move CPM forward in your location. Follow the instructions of p. 5 of the Plan Template.

Relevant Resources

Planning will be most effective if those invited to participate in the process are familiar with the rationale, process and supports available for engaging in implementation planning. Local leaders are encouraged to refer to the resources below to inform themselves and their planning partners about CPM implementation.

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