WD Toolkit Tools and Resources

Toolkit Sections

The Workforce tools are organized in six areas outlined below. All are available in a format that can be modified to specific site needs. If you already have tools or processes like these in place, consider if you want to crosswalk these materials with your existing processes to see what is contained in these tools that might be helpful.

A. Practice Profiles - Practice profiles attempt to define the linear and gradual progression of skill acquisition as practitioners and leaders integrate a particular practice into their work. The profiles identify emerging, acquiring and accomplished practice in each area of CPM.

  • Social Worker Practice Profile Word PDF
  • Leadership Practice Profile Word PDF

B. Screening & Selection Tools
1.   Realistic Job Preview Letter - Supporting self-selection into the job Word PDF
2.   Realistic Job Preview Video 
3.   Employee Selection & Interview Protocol - Questions and role play Word PDF

  • A suggested series of questions
  • A scenario of a typical day that can also be used as a written sample exercise
  • A behavioral rehearsal (role play scenario) that can be used in the selection interview process
  • An answer guide

4.   These questions and scenarios can be tailored or adapted to meet your county's needs.

C. Training & Coaching Tools
1.   Overview Training of the CPM for Staff

  • PowerPoint Presentation PPT
  • Trainer Guide
  • Icebreaker Activity Word
  • Handouts
  • Materials, Set-up, Sample Icebreaker, Sample Agenda

2. Supervision/Coaching Forms - A form and framework for supervision meetings that support the CPM Practice Behaviors.

3. Practice Behavior & Leadership Behavior One-Pagers - Include brief behavioral descriptions attending to:

  • Social Workers PDF
  • Supervisors PDF
  • Managers PDF
  • Directors PDF

4. Supervisor One-Pagers - Describe steps supervisors can take to support staff in translating the Practice Behaviors to actual practice.

  • All Practice Behaviors PDF
  • Foundation PDF
  • Engagement PDF
  • Assessment  PDF
  • Teaming & Transition PDF
  • Service Planning & Delivery PDF