Quality, Outcomes, and System Improvement Toolkit

Quality, Outcomes, and System Improvement Toolkit Description

The Quality, Outcomes, and System Improvement (QOSI) Toolkit consists of two main pages:

  • Background and Context: Descriptive overview of the QOSI Toolkit and logic model approach to implementation data, outcomes, and system improvement.
  • Tools and Resources: A set of resources (including tip sheets, template, and examples) supporting a strategic approach to implementation, data, and improvement, including a set of critical short-term CPM outcomes, tips for creating an implementation logic model, and identifying simple and accessible data and feedback loops for ongoing reflection and accountability.

 Additional content is available on the QOSI Webinar page.

 QOSI materials are offered to spur local thinking and ideas for engaging staff and partners in a practical, streamlined approach to planning, implementation, and data for system improvement.  Materials are offered in WORD format so counties may adapt them in any way needed to improve local fit and usability.  They are also posted in PDF format for ease of printing and sharing. 

 Suggestions for how to use the QOSI Toolkit:

  • Shared outcomes - bring people together across the agency and community to build consensus around a theory of change, and/or to identify the short-term outcomes that are most important in local implementation and system change.
  • A concise picture of local change efforts – create a CPM logic model that connects important short-term outcomes with the implementation activities that are likely to lead to those outcomes.
  • Implementation teaming – share the logic model widely to encourage staff and partner understanding, investment, and support.
  •  Data, learning, reflection – use the logic model to help identify meaningful and accessible data and feedback loops so leadership and teams have ongoing information for celebrating successes, managing problems, and continually learning and improving. 
  • Fidelity, integration and system improvement - consider how CPM logic modeling, fidelity and data may be integrated in and strengthen other local system improvement processes.  Also, please revisit this toolkit as additional tools and resources may be developed to assist counties with this.