Workforce Development Toolkit

Using the Workforce Development Toolkit

The Workforce Development (WD) toolkit consists of two main pages:

  • Background and Context: Descriptive information about the intent, goals and development of the Toolkit as well as relevent CPM values around workforce development.
  • Tools and Resources: A set of tools counties can use to support priorities identified in their CPM implementation plans.

Additional content is available on the WD Webinar page. 

The complete WD Toolkit is available as a PDF in a format useful for printing and sharing.

Suggestions for how to use the WD Toolkit:

  • Child Welfare Director and their CPM implementation teams read through the entire toolkit to familiarize themselves with its content and relevance to the county's needs
  • CW Directors engage their CPM implementation teams to determine which WD tools/resources will help advance the CPM implementation objectives in the county's plan
  • Share relevent segments of the toolkit with supervisors and staff
  • Adapt WD tools/resources to support local employee selection, training and coaching
  • Revisit the WD Toolkit as counties move into subsequent phases of CPM implementation

San Francisco County Workforce Development example.