Field Activities - Assessment Block


  • Completing Assessment Tools
    The trainee will complete one of the Safety Tools and one of the Risk Tools available in SDM. This activity must be completed using the SDM Policy and Procedure Manual. The trainee will select one of the following options for the activity:
      Select an active case to complete the SDM tools. (Note: If the trainee is assigned or has reasonable access to a case for which an SDM Assessment is required, the trainee MUST choose this option.)
      Select a case to review. The trainee will review information in CWS/CMS and the physical case in order to complete the SDM tools. (Note: This option is intended ONLY for trainees without access to a case for which an SDM Assessment is required.)
  • Collaborative Assessment, Planning, and Supports: Safety and Risk in Teams
    The trainee will participate in a team meeting with a family on his/her caseload OR observe a team meeting with the permission of the social worker and the family. Team meetings may include a TDM, safety mapping, Child Family Team meeting, or any other meeting that brings the family together with the child welfare agency to discuss safety and safety planning. At the conclusion of the meeting, the trainee will have participated in developing a plan that ensures safety for the child/youth or will have completed an observation tool related to the discussion of safety and risk in the team meeting. 

Field Activities

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