Common Core 3.0

Common Core 3.0 Curricula for Child Welfare Social Workers

UPDATE in July 2022:  Starting in July 2022, all training system partners have fully transitioned over to Common Core 3.5. Common Core 3.0 instructor-led courses will no longer be trained and a make-up matrix has been created for those that started within a Common Core 3.0 cohort. This means that instead of a Common Core 3.0 training course, trainees who started under Common Core 3.0 will now complete the series with any missed courses by attending courses within the Common Core 3.5 series. The full list of make-up courses can be found on the Make-Up Matrix document. Common eLearnings will remain available for trainees to access, further details are outlined below.  If you are looking for the latest version of California Common Core curricula, please visit the Common Core 3.5 webpage

eLearnings for Common Core 3.0

The following list of Common Core 3.0 eLearnings provides links to playable but untracked versions of these phased-out courses. Though a learner’s completion of these eLearnings is not tracked in a learning management system, a completion certification can be printed from the final slide of each course.

After 18

Case Close & Aftercare Plans

Case Planning Basics

Child Maltreatment Indicators

Concurrent Planning

CWS Outcomes

Federal and State Child Welfare Laws

ICWA Introduction

ICWA 200


Introduction to Child and Youth Development

Key Issues: Behavioral Health

Key Issues: Intimate Partner Violence

Key Issues: Substance Use Disorders

Documentation Practice and Report Writing

Legal Procedures

Monitoring and Adapting

Overview of Assessment Procedures Module 1

Overview of Assessment Procedures Module 2


Purposeful Visitation and Family Time

Respect, Courtesy and Skillful Use of Authority

Social Worker Safety

Trauma Informed Practice

Time and Stress Management

Instructor-Led Curriculum for Common Core 3.0

  1. Foundational
  2. Engagement
  3. Assessment
  4. Case Planning and Service Delivery
  5. Monitoring and Adapting
  6. Transition
  7. Virtual Training Tools
  8. Field Advisor Training
  9. Overview Documents

Each practice area in the Common Core Curricula has a set of measurable learning objectives for knowledge, skills, and values essential to the provision of excellent service to families and children who participate in California’s county child welfare programs. 

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The California Common Core Curricula is the result of a multi-year statewide collaborative effort to develop standardized curricula for California’s newly hired child welfare supervisors and child welfare social workers. California’s Program Improvement Plan (PIP) mandated the development and implementation of the Common Core as part of the 2003 federal Child and Family Services Review (CFSR).

The California Common Core for Child Welfare Social Workers was initially developed in fiscal year 2004–2005 by the Statewide Training and Education Committee (STEC), marking the first implementation of new social worker training that was standardized for the entire state. The Common Core is systematically evaluated and revised on an ongoing basis by the Content Development Oversight Group (CDOG).

The Common Core underwent a large-scale revision between 2015 and 2017, and Common Core 3.0 was implemented on February 1, 2017.

Common Core 3.0 was replaced by Common Core 3.5 in July 2021. Full transition from Common Core 3.0 to 3.5 occurred July 1, 2022, allowing for a one year transition period and for trainees to finish up all Common Core 3.0 series.

California Statewide Training Curriculum Development Guide 

The California Statewide Training Curriculum Guide provides guidance on the key curriculum components needed to provide standardized training in California.