California Child Welfare Core Practice Model

The California Child Welfare Core Practice Model is a project of the County Welfare Directors Association (CWDA) of California with support from the California Department of Social Services, the Child and Family Policy Institute of California, CalSWEC, and the Regional Training Academies.

The California Child Welfare Core Practice Model  (CPM) is a statewide effort, led by the counties, to develop and implement a framework to support child welfare practice and allow child welfare professionals to be more effective in their roles. The CPM is intended to guide practice, service delivery, and decision-making. 

This web site includes more information about the California Practice Model, Child Welfare Directors Institute, Implementation Planning, Implementation Toolkit and reference materials and is organized as follows:

About the CPM - What is the CPM, Background Development and Who's Who in CPM.

Director's Institute - What is the Director's Institute, Upcoming Events and DI Archive.

CPM Implementation Planning - Implementation Planning Overview, CPM Implementation Snapshot, CPM Implementation Planning Template, CPM Implementation Support request form.

CPM Implementation Toolbox - Toolkits for Organizational Readiness Building, Quality Outcomes and System Improvement, Workforce Development and Engagement, Relationships and Partnerships.