California Child Welfare Core Practice Model

The California Child Welfare Core Practice Model is a project of the County Welfare Directors Association (CWDA) of California with support from the California Department of Social Services, the Child and Family Policy Institute of California, CalSWEC, and the Regional Training Academies.

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Practice Model Elements

How Counties Are Using the Materials

Counties can and should use the model overview and practice behaviors to inform and prepare staff for the upcoming implementation, but must keep in mind that the model won't stand alone outside the support of the full implementation strategy that includes incorporation of the organizational factors still in development.

The links below highlight how some counties are already building the model into county practice. They provide tools and ideas for other counties to use in the preparation process.

2017 Director's Institute

Throughout 2017 the CPM faculty provided a number of activities to support counties in their preparation for implementing the CPM. 4  Directors Learning Sessions and numerous webinars, conference calls and in person meetings constituted the work of the Development Circles. These are described in the attachments below.