Webinar: CPM Implementation Planning—Designing the Road Ahead | February 15, 2018

Webinar Summary

Many Child Welfare Directors and RTA staff with CPM implementation roles have just begun engaging stakeholders to understand where their counties are now regarding CPM implementation. For others, it's been a challenge to clear the decks enough to start this self-assessment process. Some are asking, "We have our Snapshot completed, now what?" Wherever counties are in their process, the CPM Implementation Planning Webinar helped reinvigorate efforts to develop a plan for advancing CPM.

During the webinar, county teams learned:

  • The value of engaging a local planning team in preparing for implementation of CPM
  • Engagement tips and strategies to jump start your Snapshot process
  • The timeline and supports available as your county plans for CPM implementation
  • How to use the CPM Implementation Plan Template to set a path toward desired outcomes
  • How to identify important features of effective implementation planning

Counties that have used some of the implementation planning resources shared their experiences during the webinar.

Here are the webinar materials you can share with your local team: