Webinar: CPM Organizational Readiness Building—What It Is and Why It Matters! | March 15, 2018

Too often, organizations fail to pay attention to their role to support the use of any program or practice model. “If I am not directly serving children and families, what is my role in CPM implementation?” Leadership, teaming structures, communication processes, and using data to understand and improve implementation activities are all critical to support use of the CPM. 

As an organization, how do we understand and address our own strengths and areas of need for supporting use of the CPM? Resources and tools from Organizational Readiness Building (ORB) can add value when you integrate them into your own local processes to understand how the organization can support CPM implementation planning. Wherever your county is in the process, this Webinar will clarify and get concrete about how you can get more deliberate about your organization’s role to support CPM!

During this webinar, you and your team will learn:

  • Key elements of organizational readiness building
  • What they currently look like (YES! You are already doing great at some of them.)
  • The value of a local planning team taking a deeper dive for understanding ORB’s key elements
  • How this ORB “deeper dive” fits into the overall SNAPSHOT tool for CPM implementation planning
  • Lessons from each other about taking action and using what you learn to address ORB factors

Counties that have used some of the ORB resources will be sharing their experiences. In order to get the most of out the webinar, the following is recommended: