San Francisco's Use of the Practice Model in Workforce Development

San Francisco County Incorporates the California Child Welfare Core Practice Model (CPM) in Workforce Development Activities

In January 2015, the City and County of San Francisco created a small task force to map out the core competencies for Protective Services Workers and Supervisors in the Family and Children’s Services Program (FCS) that reflect values, core components, and standards of practice outlined in the CPM. Extensive research was conducted including external literature reviews, internal interviews, benchmarking, and collaboration with FCS subject matter experts.  

The identified competencies incorporate many of the Core Practice Model components including engagement, assessment, planning and service delivery, transition, engagement, advocacy, teaming, etc. Once the competencies were identified, the task force began to draft behavioral anchors utilizing Core Practice Model behaviors. These action-oriented behavioral anchors set specific expectations, define performance at various proficiency levels of each competency, and provide guidance to our workforce about what specific behaviors they are expected to practice to achieve incremental growth in each competency.

As part of the implementation of a competency-based approach, a new performance appraisal process has been developed. This process offers an objective evaluation of work behaviors based on specific performance anchors associated with competencies required in the job. It allows for the evaluation of proficiency levels based on the expected progression of skill development from a new employee to a highly accomplished employee. This approach encourages result-oriented, measurable goal setting and performance management that welcomes a partnership between a supervisor and an employee to develop an employee's ability to deliver exceptional performance and meet organizational goals.

The program envisions expanding this work to their entire workforce so that every position has standardized performance expectations, career ladders, and access to professional training programs.

Overview of the process to link the practice model and employee competencies:

Anchors and Competencies:

Performance Appraisal Tool: