Integrated Behavioral Health Program

The mission of CalSWEC’s Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) Program is to support the development of a skilled, diverse, and culturally competent behavioral health workforce in California, through training, evaluation, and community capacity building projects. 

The IBH Program partners with accredited MSW programs, public behavioral health service providers, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), and behavioral health support and advocacy organizations to ensure that California’s professional social workers are prepared to provide effective behavioral health care to all Californians and in a variety of service settings, using up-to-date evidence-based models for service delivery. 

The IBH Program works to expand its programming through the pursuit of funding opportunities for training, evaluation and capacity building projects focused on addressing a range of behavioral health issues, including substance abuse care and the integration of behavioral health care with primary care and with child and adult welfare services. 

IBH Program staff participate in statewide committees, task forces, and working groups focused on addressing Californians’ behavioral health needs, and provide data and expertise to local, regional, and state policy makers in relation to policy and planning matters.

Finally, the IBH Program hosts annual symposia and co-develops curriculum competencies, materials, and resources on behavioral health as a field of practice, for use by MSW programs around the state.

2017 CalSWEC Curriculum Competencies