Child Welfare In-Service Training Evaluation

NEW Starting June 30, 2018, the evaluation materials will be accessible via a password-protected environment in the CalSWECs Canvas platform. These evaluation materials are only accessible to select designees from each regional training academy. Please contact CalSWEC at if your RTA needs to provide access for another designee.

In collaboration with our In-Service Training Coordinating Partners, CalSWEC supports the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategic plan to evaluate the California Common Core Curricula and Supervisor Core Curricula to evaluate the effectiveness of the continuum of training and professional education to county newly hired public child welfare workers and newly promoted public child welfare supervisors across the state. As a result of the evaluation efforts, more is known about the composition and effectiveness of California's workforce, training system, and Common Core and Supervisor Core curricula. This includes:

  • who has participated in training (basic demographic characteristics of new trainees)
  • whether training has been effective
  • behavior change as a result of training
  • which content areas require revision, and the type of revision needed (deletion, addition to content or delivery methods, etc.)
  • that the data can be used for complementary studies or secondary data analysis (such as analysis of pre and posttraining data in conjunction with the use of the Child Forensic Attitude Scale, or analysis of demographic and test data as part of a study on Stereotype Threat, or comparative analysis of IV-E vs. non IV-E trainee test performance)

In this section, you will find an overview of the current training evaluation models for Common Core Curricula and Supervisor Core Curricula. 

Common Core Curricula Training Evaluation Model

 Reaction; Learning; Behavior; Results

The Common Core is systematically evaluated and revised on an ongoing basis. To provide feedback please complete the Common Core 3.0 Quarterly Updates form

Supervisor Core Curricula Training Evaluation Model

 Reaction; Learning; Behavior; Results

A password-protected site is also accessible for the evaluation leads at CalSWEC's coordinating partner organizations. When accessing the password-protected site, please log in to be permitted access to the evaluation materials. The Macro Evaluation Team, a subcommittee of the Statewide Training and Education Committee (STEC), guides the evaluation of the Common Core Curricula and Supervisor Core Curricula.