Psychotropic Medication in Foster Care

This training module is composed of three sections, each of which is described below:

  1. It provides an overview of psychotropic medications, what they are, and why they are used, as well as some information about potential side effects.
  2. Covers the basics of trauma-informed care and how it relates to medication in foster care settings, as well as gives a brief description of treatment planning and the use of Child and Family Teams.
  3. Explores the Juvenile Court process for authorization of psychotropic medication, and the forms used in that process.

This course is self-paced and each enrollment period is cycled quarterly.  At the end of the quarter, a new three-month-long enrollment period will begin and the previous section will be closed.  Although participant accounts will continue to exist, they will no longer be able to access data from the previous session of this course.  

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