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New Optional Medication Documentation Forms Released July 2017

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) announced the publication of LIC 622A and LIC 622B, new optional forms that may be used for medication documentation, created by CDSS due to the passage of SB 484. Provider Information Notice 17-06-CRP provides further information about these forms 

New Foster Youth Wellness Website!

CDSS announced that the Youth, Family, and Education Workgroup’s Foster Youth Wellness Website is up and running! The website was designed to help foster youth and the adults in their lives learn more about pursuing wellness by providing links to youth friendly wellness resources. The Foster Youth Wellness Website consists of a home page, eight dimensions of wellness, a crisis resource page, and a printable documents page which lists all the documents referenced throughout the website. The eight dimensions of wellness include physical wellness, emotional wellness, intellectual wellness, spiritual wellness, social wellness, environmental wellness, occupational wellness, and financial wellness. All website resources may be downloaded and/or printed for personal use or educational purposes by foster youth and their adult allies.

The Foster Youth Wellness Website can be accessed with the following link: