Fidelity & Evaluation Tools

Fidelity is defined as the degree to which a practice as implemented corresponds with the practice as described or intended. Several tools have been developed to support SOP fidelity and evaluation. 

SOP Fidelity Tools

Three distinct SOP Fidelity Tools allow agencies to gather feedback on mastery of skills and behaviors at the social worker, leadership and organizational levels. The two primary purposes of the SOP Fidelity Tools are to gather agency aggregate data around SOP fidelity and assist with individual goal-setting and coaching.

Tool results are intended to be shared as aggregate or group information at the agency level, with the goal of being one piece of a larger fidelity assessment process. Results can be used to provide information regarding the current status/progress of SOP implementation, guide the work of agency SOP implementation or leadership teams, identify workforce development and organizational support needs, and support continuous quality improvement (CQI) processes. Additionally, the SOP Fidelity Tools support supervision, coaching and reflective dialogue with each employee, helping individuals and their supervisors more systematically reflect on currently strong skills and skills that may need to be strengthened.

SOP Practice Profiles

The SOP Practice Profiles provide a more in-depth opportunity to evaluate SOP fidelity at the worker level. Practice profiles attempt to define the gradual progression of skill acquisition as a practitioner integrates a particular practice into their work. The intent of the SOP Practice Profiles is to assist with assessment of social workers’ current skill level and guide appropriate goal-setting as they work to deepen their skills in the practice.

Parent/Guardian Feedback Survey

This survey can be provided to parents/guardians to evaluate their experience of SOP with their social worker. 

The Fidelity & Evaluation Tools folder contains tools related to the following:

  • Social Worker Fidelity Tool
  • Leader Fidelity Tool
  • Organizational Fidelity Tool
  • SOP Practice Profiles
  • Parent/Guardian Survey