Implementation, Sustainability and Leadership Tools

Implementation of SOP is not a “one and done” event, but an ongoing process of developing an agency culture and climate that supports the practice. This includes deliberate attention to implementation functions such as designing linked leadership and implementation teams, attending to the day-to-day and ongoing leadership activities necessary for effective implementation, and ensuring agency practices facilitate progress and address implementation challenges. The Implementation, Sustainability and Leadership Tools folder contains tools such as the following:

  • SOP-CPM Snapshot Tool
  • SOP Implementation Guide
  • SOP-CPM Elements
  • SDM Infographic
  • SOP Documentation Strategies
  • SOP Tips from the Field
  • CPM Initiative Mapping Template
  • CPM Rainbow Metaphor

Many of the CPM implementation tools can also be used to support implementation of SOP, or any other practice or initiative, and are made available on the Core Practice Model webpages of the CalSWEC website.