Online Video-Based Curriculum for Sexual and Reproductive Wellness in Foster Care (SB89)

Welcome to the Online Training webpage for Sexual and Reproductive Wellness in Foster Care (SB 89).

Online Video Tutorials via CACWT

For California social work professionals who need to have your course completions tracked in CACWT in order to receive credit for taking this online curriculum and have it included to your training history: You can access these eLearning modules by logging into the statewide California Child Welfare Training learning management system (CACWT), where you can self-register for this eLearning via the Course Catalog page.

For those who do NOT need to have your online course completions tracked in the statewide CACWT system: You can access these eLearning modules via the Course Catalog webpage of CACWT, where you will click the "Community Partners" tab to find this eLearning.

For those who completed the SB89 online modules before the launch of the CACWT LMS system, your Google form confirmation email serves as your certificate of completion.

If you have questions, please contact us via our support system.


Sexual and Reproductive Wellness Rights

Duties and Responsibilities

Case Plan Documentation

Finding Resources, Safer Sex, and Contraception Methods

Engaging with Young People about Sexual Wellness