Support CalSWEC

December 2020 update: Please note that our donation widget is not currently active, due to a campus-wide change to the donation system. In the meantime, you can donate to CalSWEC via alternative methods found on this FAQs webpage.  Thank you!

You can support CalSWEC in the following ways:

  • Learn about the CalSWEC Community
    The CalSWEC community is composed of a variety of stakeholders and constituents interested in workforce development issues in the fields of child welfare, integrated behavioral health, and aging. You can learn more about the CalSWEC community and its programs by visiting this website.

  • Attend CalSWEC meetings
    CalSWEC stakeholders and constituents associated with California social worker programs, representatives of health and human services agencies, California Tribal communities, as well as volunteers and consumers affiliated with CalSWEC projects. Advisory board and permanent committee meetings are hosted by CalSWEC and provide opportunities for learning about issues affecting California's social work workforce and participating in activities to strengthen the capacity and presence of social work professionals in the state.

  • Donate to CalSWEC 
    CalSWEC programs are largely funded by state contracts and federal grants that restrict the use of public funds for activities that grow and promote the CalSWEC mission of supporting statewide partnerships for the education and training of social workers. Your donations will allow CalSWEC to expand its leadership, partnership and workforce development activities and advance the careers of social workers in fields of child welfare, integrated behavioral health, and aging.

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