The academic community and the public social services joined forces in 1990 to create the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC)—considered the most ambitious such collaboration in the country at the time. 

Today, CalSWEC is the nation’s largest state coalition of social work educators and practitioners. Unique in its size and scope, the CalSWEC collaborative provides professional education, student support, in-service training, and workforce evaluation and research—all directed toward developing effective, culturally competent public service delivery to the people of California. 

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CalSWEC is a partnership of the schools of social work, public human service agencies, and other related professional organizations that facilitates the integration of education and practice to assure effective, culturally competent service delivery and leadership to the people of California.


CalSWEC’s Mission is supported by the following Goals:

  • Preparing a diverse group of social workers for careers in human services, with special emphasis on child welfare, mental health, and aging fields
  • Defining and operationalizing a continuum of social work education and training
  • Engaging in evaluation, research, and dissemination of best practices in social work

Description & History

The California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) is unique in the annals of both social work education and the public social services in the state and the nation. Never before had the entire social work academic community and the public social services joined forces to improve the education and training of social workers for all the publicly supported social services.

Board & Committees

CalSWEC's Board of Directors serves in an advisory capacity. It makes decisions regarding the center's objectives to advance social work education, practice, and research; conduct research and develop programs for the advancement of social work education and practice in the publicly supported social services; and develop and administer financial support for students in social work education programs.

Jobs at CalSWEC Central

Here you'll find job openings at CalSWEC Central at the University of California, Berkeley.