Vania Buck at Chico State wins this year's CalSWEC Infographic Contest

April 21, 2020

CalSWEC, in partnership with the NASW-CA Image Council, is pleased to announce that Vania Buck is the winner of the 2019-20 Infographic Contest.

Vania, an MSW student at Chico State, will receive a prize of $250 from NASW-CA Image Council.

In addition, considering the high caliber of the other infographic submissions, as well as the special circumstances of the challenges we are facing at this time, NASW-CA Image Council is awarding a bonus prize of an Amazon gift card to the other entrants.

The CalSWEC Infographic Contest, now in its third year, is an opportunity for CalSWEC Title IV-E students to showcase their skills at creating a single-page visualization on a given topic, with the winning submission posted on the CalSWEC website as a student-developed resource for our community and beyond. 

Vania's infographic on the topic of Bridging the Disconnect between Policy and Practice in Child Welfare is now available online. To see all past and present winning submissions, as well as other infographics about child welfare and workforce development, you can visit the Infographics section of CalSWEC's Resources webpage

As the field of child welfare social work continues to evolve, the skill of producing content using various media will become increasingly a part of our work, as suggested in Teaching Social Work with Digital Technology (Hitchcock, Sage, and Smyth), published by CSWE Press in 2019:

"For social workers, this means digitally literate professionals: (1) would understand the range of ways that social and digital technologies could be used within professional practice while respecting appropriate boundaries with clients and promoting professional ethics; and (2) have the skills to create professional content with various media (writing, images, video, audio), and to share it appropriately." (p.37)