Technology and Instructional Design (Distance Education)

CalSWEC created a new unit, Technology and Instructional Design, in 2016 to advance its commitment to distance education, online resources, and the adoption of effective technologies.

In addition to serving as a thought leader in educational technology in social welfare for the state, the Technology and Instructional Design team provides support to various programs and projects, such as:

  • Common Core (orchestrated the February 2017 release of 25 eLearning courses for Common Core 3.0)
  • Supervisor Core
  • eLearning programs (CSEC, Psychotropic Medication in Foster Care, and more)
  • Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI)
  • Learning management systems (administrator of a multi-region LMS)
  • CalSWEC Title IV-E Program
  • Event technical support and videography
  • CalSWEC Network Hub (an OER repository launched in March 2017)
  • Website (launched in April 2018)

To stay at the forefront of educational technology, now and into the future, CalSWEC will continue to explore new and better modalities and systems that result in highly effective, scalable, and cost-efficient online training and resources.

We encourage you to routinely visit the Resources area, which the Technology and Instructional Design team will help to manage and grow over time.