CACWT statewide learning management system (LMS)

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California is excited to announce the California Child Welfare Training statewide learning management system (LMS), better known as CACWT.

CACWT is more than an LMS. It is a configuration of systems, including a student information system (SIS), that is intended to streamline, standardize, centralize, and improve the deployment of social worker training across the state.

CACWT was developed in collaboration between the California Department of Social Services and its regional and county partners across the state, with CalSWEC overseeing LMS administration.

Full launch of the California Child Welfare Training  (LMS) occurred in July 2021. For details about the launch and initial rollout of CACWT, visit the CDSS All-County Letters webpage for All-County Letter (ACL) 21-94.

For explainer videos and other information about CACWT, including a General CACWT Access video, please visit the CACWT help desk.

The trainings found in the CACWT learning management system are designed to meet accessibility standards. If you are a learner in the intended audience for the CACWT training platform and encounter an issue in completing a training due to an accessibility reason, please contact to arrange accommodation support.

To log into CACWT as an enrolled social worker, please use the following link:

To view the CACWT course catalog as a non-enrolled external community partner, please use the following link, and then select the Community Partners tab to access a limited selection of publicly available online trainings: