SERVE: Indigenous Community Social Workers for Change

SERVE: Indigenous Community Social Workers for Change (formerly the American Indian Recruitment Program) supports the Title IV-E schools of social work in CalSWEC's consortium. Its goal is to support the Title IV-E graduate and undergraduate social work programs currently operating within the CalSWEC consortium by assisting with capacity and relationship building with Tribal entities and organizations within each region.

Eligible American Indian students can receive financial support as full- or part-time social work students with an emphasis on children and families in the Title IV-E Program.

Our Mission

SERVE is committed to full equity, justice, well-being, and cultural preservation of American Indian/Alaska Native children and families by:

  • Increasing the numbers of Indigenous social work graduates;
  • Fostering inclusive leadership development;
  • Developing partnerships between Tribal sovereign nations, indigenous communities, and other stakeholders; and
  • Implementing decolonizing social work curricula to reflect community-based, culturally appropriate Indigenous values and the promotion of Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

Our Vision

SERVE envisions Tribal sovereign nations and Indigenous communities as sustainable healthy communities that use healing interventions to provide empowerment, mentorship, and leadership development; to promote cultural preservation and appreciation of Indigenous cultures by recognizing and supporting Tribal sovereignty, and protecting cultural rights and identity of Indigenous peoples.

Project Coordinators

SERVE has three designated project coordinators at universities in California's Northern, Central, and Southern regions who work in collaboration with the Title IV-E project coordinators at 20 universities statewide with Title IV-E programs. Please contact your regional SERVE project coordinator for more information:

Useful Resources

Map of SERVE locations

California map of SERVE locations

For more information:

Contact: Carolyn Shin,, Director, Title IV-E Program