CalSWEC facilitates and supports statewide partnerships for the education and training of social workers to ensure culturally responsive, effective, and high-quality health and social service delivery to the people of California.


In support of its Mission, CalSWEC’s Goals are to: 

  • Prepare a diverse group of social workers for careers in human services, with special emphasis in the fields of child welfare, integrated behavioral health, and aging
  • Define and operationalize a continuum of social work education and training
  • Engage in evaluation, research, and dissemination of best practices in social work

Created in 1990 through​ a partnership of social work educators and practitioners, CalSWEC is dedicated to developing a professional social service workforce to effectively serve California's diverse population.

The focus of CalSWEC, hosted by the School of Social Welfare at the University of California, Berkeley, is on public child welfare, integrated behavioral health, and aging. ​