Title IV-E Evaluation and Research

The evaluation of the CalSWEC Title IV-E Program is tied to its specific goals of diversifying and professionalizing the public child welfare (PCW) workforce.

To that end, the evaluation includes monitoring activities that comprise the program’s:

  • School period, i.e., recruitment/selection to IV-E, school-related curricular activities, and graduation from the program and
  • Employment obligation period, i.e., application to PCW positions, employment obligation, and completion of work obligation

Additionally, CalSWEC attempts to understand longer-term retention in the post-employment obligation, while fully recognizing that students do not have to stay beyond their designated contractual period.

This evaluation employs both process and outcome evaluation methods and includes all program partners, i.e., students, universities, counties, CDSS and CalSWEC Central. A detailed description of the evaluation of the CalSWEC Title IV-E Program can be found here.

Title IV-E Reports

  • In March 2020, the Title IV-E team released the results of the Title IV-E Retrospective Study. This evaluation is based on over 1,650 Title IV-E graduates responses and covered topics including demographics, PCW experience prior to entering the program, employment experiences, and career trajectories (fields, positions, years worked, and employment transitions). The full report can be found here: Title IV-E Retrospective Study - Full Report.