Evaluation and Capacity Building Projects

Evaluation and Capacity Building Projects

Program Evaluation of Berkeley Social Welfare’s Latinx Center of Excellence in Behavioral Health

The IBH Program is responsible for program evaluation of all aspects of Berkeley Social Welfare’s HRSA-funded Latinx Center of Excellence in Behavioral Health (LCOEBH). Through this work, the IBH Program works to evaluate both the processes and outcomes associated with a variety of LCOEBH programs, events, and activities, including the LCOEBH Stipend Program, Professional Development Awards, Tutoring Program, Mentoring Program, and Sin Fronteras, an immersive summer learning experience. Evaluation focuses on assessing graduate outcomes and program impact on the development and enhancement of behavioral health service delivery for Latinx communities in the Bay Area.

Capacity Building Partnership with the California Primary Care Association

The IBH program has partnered with the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) to support the expansion and enhancement of training partnerships between MSW programs and FQHCs through the creation of a guide for developing such partnerships that will be disseminated to community health centers (CHCs) statewide. The guide will provide practical guidance for CHCs around partnering with MSW programs to develop and implement field education programs, including developing field training contracts with universities and student learning agreements with trainees. It will provide guidance and resources for supervising, navigating challenges with, and evaluating MSW interns, while supporting commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. It will provide resources related to national and state requirements for social work education and field training, educational partnership opportunities in MSW education, and clinical social work licensure. The IBH Program will work with CPCA to disseminate the guide and showcase its content through public meetings, webinars, and other presentations.

Click the link below to view the guide in PDF format: 
Developing MSW Field Education Partnerships—A Guide for Community Health Centers