CalSWEC Title IV-E Summit


The Title IV-E Summit, a child welfare conference, is CalSWEC's largest event. It is planned by a statewide collaborative involving a rotating group of 35 Title IV-E Student Representatives and Title IV-E Staff. When in person, the Title IV-E Summit convenes 350 attendees hailing from California Title IV-E schools, counties, and Tribes. Following COVID-19 travel and gathering restrictions, this event pivoted to a virtual platform in 2021. These live and on demand virtual sessions have been viewed on YouTube by over 3,000 child welfare stakeholders. 

The goals of the Summit are for attendees to:

  • learn from a variety of statewide perspectives, and
  • hear from a spectrum of counties and field instructors, and
  • gain a richer understanding of the child welfare landscape. 

Watch our Summit Explainer video below to learn more about the Title IV-E Summit!


Summit Information and Resources

Background and History of the Title IV-E Summit

The Title IV-E Summit combines the Title IV-E Student Day and the Title IV-E Field Institute, which prior to 2017, each convened separately. The idea to combine these conferences took shape during the summer of 2016. Read below to learn a little more about the history of each previous event. 

Title IV-E Student Day

  •  The Title IV-E Student Day was designed to be an educational conference and networking opportunity for IV-E students throughout the state. First convened in 1998, Student Day was a staple in the IV-E student experience. Historically, the one-day event was directed by a Student Planning Committee and featured a keynote speaker, workshops centered around a theme, and vendors offering information related to child welfare social work practice, including NASW membership and county employment opportunities. The Title IV-E Summit continued many of the same traditions as Student Day, including the year-long collaboration of a Student Planning Committee and CalSWEC Central staff to execute the event. To learn more about the current Title IV-E Summit planning process, click the video below.

Student Explainer Video

Title IV-E Field Institute

  • The Title IV-E Field Institute is considered by many as the Student Day equivalent for Title IV-E project coordinators, county administrators and supervisors, Tribal/Indigenous partners, and other stakeholders in the field. The Institute was designed to bring together key partners to gather knowledge, tools, and resources to enhance the delivery of field instruction to Title IV-E MSW students, while also focusing on a theme. CalSWEC hosted the Title IV-E Field Institute since June 2013.